Spotlight on

Albyn Veterinary Centre

February 2015

A version of laser treatment therapy used by sports teams and athletes is now available for pets.

Albyn Veterinary Practice in Broxburn is one of a very few practices in Scotland (and the only one in West Lothian) to have invested in a laser machine to offer this treatment. The benefits of laser light therapy are subject to much research due to its potential for promoting healing and pain reduction, and this is making its way into veterinary medicine as well as human medicine.

So, keen to offer a range of treatment options to their customers, Albyn Vets acquired a laser treatment machine in November. They have been treating a wide range of injuries and ailments with it and so far the feedback has been very positive.

“Every case is different so it's impossible to say exactly whether the laser treatment could completely replace an existing treatment plan” explains practice-owner Kathryn. “But it can help with a wide range of conditions including reducing swelling, reducing pain and speeding the healing process.” For example, a treatment along the incision immediately after surgery can significantly reduce healing time. Acute conditions such as skin wounds, bites, allergies, dermatitis, burns and sprains and fractures will benefit both in terms of healing and pain relief; and chronic conditions such as periodontal disease, degenerative joint disease or arthritis can be treated to help with pain management. Older pets who have aches and pains or decreased mobility can benefit from a course of laser therapy. In fact any pet in pain or discomfort is a candidate, and the vets at Albyn Vets will be delighted to advise and recommend the best treatment for your pet's condition. One of the first candidates was Kathryn's own dog who had laser treatment for a toe injury and responded very well.

Unlike conventional drugs, laser light treatment is free from any side-effects – your pet just feels a gentle warmth over the area treated (they can't tell us, of course, but that is what human patients describe!) and it takes just a few minutes. It can be applied without touching the painful area so is ideal for very sensitive tissues. The light energy delivered by the laser interacts with the cells, increasing blood flow and promoting healing.

If you are interested in trying this new treatment, please contact Albyn Vets on 01506 852498 for more information. They are offering £5 off an initial treatment for Konect readers with the advert below.