Spotlight on

Edinburgh Wood Fuel

February 2015

Nothing beats a crackling fire in the hearth for comfort on a cold day.

The rituals of collecting winter fuel, stacking the woodpile, laying a fire and taking out the ashes are making a comeback a generation since open fires were largely replaced by gas, oil or electric central heating. As the need for sustainable heat production becomes increasingly topical, wood-burning stoves – carefully engineered high tec versions of the open fire - are becoming increasingly popular as a real flame fire is not only beautiful but is a sustainable form of heating.

Edinburgh Wood Fuel (EWF) is a small local family-run business based in Baberton which has been supplying wood fuel in a variety of forms since 2006. EWF now has over 550 customers and the business has gone from strength to strength over the last 18 months or so. They take care of the “collecting winter fuel” part of the ritual (and will even stack it for you if you like!). The company supplies and delivers a variety of quality products including firewood, kindling, briquettes, charcoal and wood pellets, and is well set to deal with increasing demand for wood fuel. Not all wood is the same, as EWF owner Chris Edmunds points out, and it's important to assess the moisture content, density and potential contamination of wood to be burnt. EWF supply only carefully sourced fuel that will burn with maximum efficiency. The wood is sustainably sourced from the UK (and locally where possible) and is seasoned for at least 18 months, meaning customers receive wood ready to burn. Hardwood species supplied include ash, beech, sycamore, oak and cherry. Softwood species include larch and Scots pine.  

Chris comments, “There are many people out there supplying firewood but EWF prides itself on a professional and prompt service. Customers are contacted by the delivery team to arrange a mutually convenient time for delivery. It is evident that customers enjoy this personal service as EWF receives orders from many customers on a regular basis.”

Chris started his first business aged 13 and has always has a keen interest in enterprise. He studied Rural Enterprise and Land Management, and graduated with a First Class Honours degree in 2011. As part of his degree, Chris undertook a dissertation on the feasibility of installing a biomass district heating scheme, and has developed a specialist interest in biomass schemes. As a result EWF now offers consultancy on biomass installations, in particular district heating schemes. As they state on their website, “Our core value is to provide top quality products to our customers in a friendly and efficient manner” so they will be very happy to help you with any questions relating to your order and what products are best for your stove or fire. Obviously, customers need to ensure they comply with relevant legislation including the Clean Air Act 1993.

Visit Edinburgh Wood Fuel’s website at for more information and to place an order online. Email them on or telephone 0131 442 3445.

You can also order via the website and pay online, or by cheque or cash on delivery. Delivery is free within a 15 mile radius of Edinburgh, subject to a minimum order of £50. Delivery is usually between 3 to 7 days from order, although next day delivery is possible if specified.