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Kirknewton Pharmacy

Konect Calders edition February 2015

Some of the team L-R : Susan, Douglas, Liz

With a lot of enthusiasm, Fergal Coffey and his team have brought Kirknewton the pharmacy it desperately needed...

“It's always been my ambition to run community pharmacies,” Fergal explains. And just at a time of calls for increased access to healthcare services in the village, Fergal was working way from elsewhere in the Central Belt looking for a location to open a pharmacy. Happily, we found each other. “I looked at many potential locations, and identified Kirknewton in 2013 - around the time that this Main Street premises was becoming available.”

“In theory any pharmacist can open shop, but in order to be able to dispense NHS-prescribed medicines, and to be able to offer NHS services, you have to apply for an NHS pharmacy contract,” explains Fergal. “I would really like to thank the Community Council, the Development Trust and everyone who supported us with the application."

You might be surprised at the amount of knowledge he had to gain about the daily habits of Kirknewtonians in order to present a compelling argument to the NHS as to why we deserved a pharmacy! As the population of Kirknewton is much lower than the average size of a community to have its own pharmacy, he had to describe the hour long trip on public transport for Kirknewton residents to get to East Calder pharmacy; he investigated the age of the population (there is an above-average number of children); the pattern of car ownership and other factors.

“I want to offer extra services and go the extra mile,” says Fergal. Kirknewton Pharmacy offers a prescription collection and delivery service (including for repeat medication) and they hope to serve not only Kirknewton itself but other areas where there isn't already a delivery service. “We offer the NHS smoking cessation service (for free nicotine patches), holiday healthcare (advice and vaccinations), as well as the NHS minor ailments service. So instead of waiting for a GP appointment, you just come into the pharmacy and in many cases we can help and give medication.” The minor ailments service covers things such as coughs and colds, mild eczema and acne, allergies, constipation, indigestion, athletes foot, warts and verrucas, various aches and pains. It's great news for Kirknewton residents to be able to get help for these things without having to go to East Calder – and crucially it reduces the pressure on GP appointments which are needed for more serious conditions.

Besides Fergal, the team consists of Douglas who will be the main pharmacist here; Liz, who is the dispenser; Catrin and Susan, who are both from Kirknewton, are the counter assistants, and Andrew is the driver.

Open 9am-6pm Mon – Fri (closed 1pm-2pm)

9am-1pm Sat.

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