Local Real Bread 

Article published in the Konect Directory, Calders edition, September 2009

Scotland has always been known for its traditional bread baking, so much so that the English used to come to Scotland to find the good bakers to take back down South. 

Paul at the Hedgerow Bakery and Tea Room in East Calder has gone back to the original Scottish way of making bread.  He uses mainly organic flour and is currently trying to source a local miller in order to complete the traditional process.

Originally the bakers would have got their yeast from the local brewer as it was not readily available elsewhere.  They would make a 'sponge' by mixing the flour, yeast and water and then leaving it to prove overnight.  Paul explains that this mix draws more flavour from the flour and also speeds up the process when added to the flour and water to make the bread in the morning.  This method of leaving it overnight also meant that they could get double the amount of bread to the yeast, which would have been a big saving.

Paul Holborn of The Hedgerow 

Modern bakeries make bread in 90 minutes from start to finish.  This is why you no longer get that wonderful slowly made, fully flavoured delicious bread from supermarket bakeries.

Paul’s passion for bread and breadmaking started 25 years ago in the Lake District and he has been making it ever since as a hobby.  He now makes and sells his traditionally slow-made breads full time, and is thrilled to be opening the doors, from September, of the area’s only real local bakery.

His regular range of breads - all made using the traditional overnight slow proving method - are:

Seeded wholemeal 

Struan – A traditional Scottish bread of oatmeal, honey and buttermilk.

French Baguette – original French flour and with the traditional small amount of rye.

Italian Slipper – Like a Ciabatta and made with Italian flour.

Rolls – Wholemeal and Italian.

Paul makes small batches fresh every day and is happy to make bread to order, especially if you require a specific style which is not one of his regular breads.  Don't forget to ring in your order a day ahead though.

He also serves delicious homemade lunches, cakes and teas and is open 7 days from 10:00-4:30

Located inside Veitch's Garden Centre, East Calder, 01506 885572.