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Rosebery Centre

Article featured in the Konect Directory September 2013 

A specialist centre in Livingston providing care and support for people with dementia and their families. 

The Rosebery Centre was established in 1985 and covers a wide catchment area including Livingston, Broxburn, Uphall, Pumpherston and the Calders. People with dementia are referred for day care and other forms of support. We continually strive to reach the 'gold standard' for dementia support services through our day to day practice in the Centre, carer support, staff and volunteer training, a multidisciplinary approach and our involvement in research into dementia. We cater for 45 people each week, 15 each day over three days. 

The daily programme at the Rosebery Centre is activity-led and focuses on the individual needs of clients. The main objective is to facilitate social interaction and stimulation for the person with dementia in a homely, domestic environment and also to provide carer support and assistance. At the end of each day the Centre staff and volunteers review for each person attending, their memory, concentration, participation, interaction and how their appetite has been. This information is passed on to carers which offers a means of reality orientation at home. We ensure that there is a continuous assessment of client and carer's needs. We organise Carer's Support Groups and provide support to carers on an individual basis involving information, counselling or practical support. It is sometimes possible for the Centre to provide a sitter service to allow carers respite. We offer a bereavement support service following the death of a client. 

The Centre has an annually elected management committee made up of people who have an interest in dementia either through personal experience as a carer or through professional expertise. The Centre is staffed by a Manager and an Assistant Manager/Activities Leader and there is also a part time Admin Assistant and resident Music Therapist. Each day there is a team of trained volunteers who work with clients on a one-to-one basis in order to provide a stimulating and enjoyable experience. The Centre works closely with both healthcare and social work agencies through which referrals are made - an allocations panel meets monthly to decide on placement of clients. Anyone wishing to refer should contact the centre manager for further information. We meet the Care Inspectorate Standards of Care and currently hold excellent grades in this regard. The Centre has received numerous awards and is widely recognised as a Centre of excellence. In 2003 the Centre was selected to receive the Queen's Golden Jubilee Award for voluntary service. 

Our aims:

  • To provide mental and physical stimulation to people with dementia through a range of specialist activities in a domestic environment.
  • To provide carers and families with help and support through a variety of services.
  • To provide appropriate training programmes for volunteers and carers.

Some quotes:
"I have dementia and the Rosebery helps me understand my illness" - a member.
"The Rosebery is better than a gin and tonic!" - a volunteer.
"I was so impressed I asked to become a volunteer on the day my husband did not attend. I am making new friends and receiving support." - a carer.
"I attend the Carers Support Groups and never miss a meeting. These meetings provide a social stimulus and are also full of useful advice and information." - a carer.

 Reminiscence Boxes and Volunteers

The Centre is presently compiling Reminiscence Boxes and would be delighted to receive donations of any small 'old time' articles that can be used for reminiscence therapy.
Anyone interested in offering their services as a volunteer or who would like further info about dementia should contact Nancy Burgoyne, Manager, on 01506 497046.   

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