Learn the rules of the road with Rod

Article in the Konect Directory, Calders edition, April 2010

Karen Murray chats to Rod of Driving with Rod

Rod Cameron that is…local driving instructor covering both the Bathgate and Currie test centres.

But Rod wasn’t always a driving instructor, so what led him to the job he now gains great satisfaction from? 

“I was a communications consultant for Scottish Widows and I really enjoyed the job, but all good things come to an end and with changes afoot in the company my role became more customer relations manager,” explains Rod. “This turned out not to be the right job for me and I began to consider what else I could do.”

Rod Cameron

He thought about the skills already under his belt - training, organising and chairing forums between people from varying backgrounds, good people skills, easy going personality. Where could that lead? Well, add in the fact that Rod was always a keen driver and the answer was staring him in the face - become an ADI - approved driving instructor.

With all the training under his belt, Rod is now a fully qualified ADI and member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. He runs a successful independent business – drivingwithrod.co.uk – and better still, he loves every moment. “My job satisfaction has returned and increased. I work with people from all walks of life which is part of the challenge. I don’t offer a ‘one size fits all approach’ but tailor the instruction to each individual and of course patience is a must.”

While he doesn’t teach the theory, he can be a good sounding board and naturally hazard perception is covered in real terms as you are driving and learning the ‘rules of the road’.

“When you have been driving as long as I have, you’ve just about seen in it all and I feel that perhaps I can do my bit to improve road safety by teaching my clients to drive safely.”

In fact he makes a point of saying that he doesn’t teach clients to pass a test but rather to drive safely. If you learn to drive safely, then passing the test will come naturally. He also encourages clients towards ‘Pass Plus’ - not a requirement but it helps new drivers to become better drivers.

Statistics show that people are at the highest risk of being in an accident in the first two years of passing their tests so Pass Plus is an initiative that covers those aspects of driving not covered in the test, such as motorway driving and driving at night.

As Rod says, you could pass your test in the morning and be on the M8 to Glasgow in the afternoon with no experience of ever being on a motorway. 

Of course it is not just novice drivers that seek Rod’s instruction. There are plenty of people with a licence who haven’t driven for several years, or passed their test abroad and want a refresher course. The Pass Plus scheme often works well for them but if they don’t want to complete that, Rod is happy to work on certain aspects that clients want to improve, such as giving them some motorway experience. 

Finding out what the client wants to achieve is all part of the service at Driving with Rod. Being independent means Rod can take the time to look at each pupil individually and that means you get the personal treatment. 

Rod loves the challenge of teaching each new pupil and he has achieved his goal of job satisfaction in helping them to achieve their goal of learning to drive and mastering the ‘rules of the road’.

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