Spotlight on

Tax Link and Let Link

November 2014

Two new businesses on one of Bathgate's most prominent corners - South Bridge Street and Whitburn Road – aim to bring a fresh approach to letting and accountancy to West Lothian.

The signage displays the two business names of Let Link (the letting agency) and Tax Link (an accountancy). The businesses were both set up by Scott Fairbairn, an accountant who has an extensive property portfolio but who became so frustrated at the inflexible and expensive services of letting agents that he decided to start his own agency.

Scott quickly identified that letting agents typically come from estate agents but in practice the services provided by Tax Link are far more complimentary to Let Link – not only do all landlords require tax advice and have to submit Self Assessment Returns, but the relationship between the accountant and both tenants and landlords lasts beyond the period of ownership or occupancy. With an estate agent, however, once the house is sold they need never see you again.

Having an experienced landlord at the helm means that Let Link never loses sight of the personal touch required when dealing with people and property. Scott maintains his own portfolio so is hands-on and has a good understanding of the needs of other landlords. Since setting up in Larkhall in 2003, the business has gone from strength to strength due, Scott believes, to a solid and reliable reputation which has enabled landlords to invest and expand their current portfolios and for Let Link tenants to rent with confidence. They are excited to bring their services to West Lothian, centred in the new office in Bathgate, and are offering an introductory deal of 5% management fees and no hidden costs. “The point about the no hidden costs is important,” explains Bathgate Office Manager Jacqueline. “Many agencies offer a similar fee but they add on extra costs. With Let Link you know that once you've signed up, there are no other costs.”

They have a range of properties from studio apartments to large family properties. With a wealth of letting experience and a professional hands-on property manager, Let Link is your local solution to hassle-free property management.

On the Tax Link side of the business, Scott's accountancy background includes investigative work for HM Revenues and Customs. Along with his more “normal” staff, he is ideally qualified to assist with all aspects of dealign with the dreaded Tax Man. When he set up his own accountancy practice it was just himself working from home. Now, the two businesses are based in three different offices and more than eight members of staff, most of whom have been with Scott for a number of years. They must be doing something right! “There is no 'typical' Tax Link client,” explains Scott. “They include businesses of all shapes and sizes with one important common factor – they are all treated as individuals by our friendly and professional staff in order to achieve and, indeed, exceed their business goals.”

Tax Link are not only here to help people in business for themselves, but with the ever more stringent and complicated tax legislation it is becoming more and more crucial that everyone takes some advice to ensure that you are not paying more tax than you have to!

Visit or call Tax Link and Let Link at :

93 South Bridge Street, Bathgate, EH48 1TJ

01506 537999